Interactive Challenges

This site contains interactive challenge problems for every skills or techniques. Each catagory contains a list of challenges for skills under that category. It is STRONGLY recommended to read the skills section before moving on to here.

Web Application Security

With the rise of the internet, websites are cropping up left and right offering different information and services. However, in the rush to release a website, some websites may have been poorly secured, especially in the past. This section covers the various attacks that can be done to a vulnerable website, and how to secure sites against them.

Practice Web App Security

Open Source Intelligence

Since the internet became a thing, websites curated information. Then social media came along, and people started sharing more information than ever. Open source intelligence is the study of finding valuable information on a target through publically available information, usually online.

Practice Open Source Intelligence


Since ancient times, people wanted to send secret messages and other people wanted to evesdrop on secret communications. This section covers everything from classical ciphers used during the Roman empire to RSA encription used today.

Practice Cryptography


People REALLY like to keep their secrets hidden, so steganography came to be. Steganography is the skill to hide data in places so people won't find it. It was used extensively by spies around the world.

Practice Steganography


As computers became more common and accesible to the general public, more and more crimes could involve computers. Thus, police detectives and other investigators developed ways to find and extract evidence from computers to use in courts. Some of skills also double as very good life skills, such as deleted file recovery.

Practice Forensics

Reverse Engineering

As proprietary code has grown in size and complexity, developers have tried to make their code more and more unreadable or difficult to understand to protect their trade secrets. Similarly, malware developers try to hide the true intent of their software to hide their intentions and thwart defenders. As those seeking to hide the inner workings of software advanced their trade, so did the curious souls seeking to understand what was hidden from them. Today, reverse engineering for software is a widely-sought skill used by professionals to audit code, hunt vulnerabilities, and decipher malware.

Practice Reverse Engineering