This website was created to curate a good set of tutorials, activities, and interactive games for students seeking to explore their interests in Information Security or those starting Information Security related clubs. The site seeks to provide a detailed explanations and tutorials to help people bring interested folks into the hobby, as well as pre-made games that test specific skills suitable for internal club competitions or preparing for international competitions like picoCTF or National Cyber League.


Guided Learning

This site currently hosts tutorials on the 6 major topics of cybersecurity competitions, such as forensics, cryptography, web application security, etc. Currently there are 30+ tutorials. Each tutorial explains the concept with examples and provides links to useful resources/tools to save the reader's time. After reading the tutorial, the reader can immediately assess their understanding of the topic they just learnt by doing the accompanying interactive challenge. Every tutorial has at least one associated challenge to assess your understanding. The tutorials should be sufficient to get you into the top 50% of most cybersecurity competitions for high school students.

Learn Skills


Play Competitively

This site currently provides 4 different games of different themes to help create friendly competitions for users to practice and learn in. More games will be added in the future. This feature requires the user to be registered with the site for authentication and score tracking purposes. Each month, the server will create a friendly 2 week long game open to all users. The games have simple and lax rules to allow users to be creative. Clubs can also create their own games internally with custom settings for their own members. To create a club, please contact the site admin via email given below.


Registration Perks

For Users

Registered users have access to all of the site's public games as well as the private games of the clubs they are part of. Registered users also have their progress of the interactive challenges saved automatically. They also can subscribe to email notifications of new games and other reminders. Only registered users can join clubs.

For Clubs

Registered clubs can host their own private games (or open them to the public) with custom settings. This allows the games to pause to support healthy sleep schedules, award points differently, and more. Clubs are also able to assign their club members to teams and register them together into games (that are open to team registration). To create a club, please contact the site admin via email given below.


Official Email: infosecclubresources@gmail.com

Admin Email: LivelyCarpet87@gmail.com